2013 Candidates

GPNS Candidates 2013 Election

This summer smaller parties in Nova Scotia were blindsided by a small, “insignificant” change to the Elections Act that doubled the filing fee for  candidate nominations from $100 to $200. Running a full slate of candidates would therefore cost $10,200 instead of $5100. While the larger parties can absorb such a cost easily, and indeed would likely be reimbursed by getting 10% of the vote, such an increase could bankrupt smaller parties with limited resources and smaller voter share. Whether that was the intent of the change will be left to individual speculation. Suffice it to say we could not afford to run a full slate this election campaign and for that we are truly sorry.

That being said, we are indeed proud to present a slate of sixteen capable and worthy candidates to represent the Green Party of Nova Scotia. We sincerely hope that voters in these ridings will lend their support to these campaigns and give voice to the many issues of concern that we are raising.

Here is the list of your Green Party candidates:

Name                                                                   Electoral District
Jason Blanch                                                     14 – Cumberland North
Torin Buzek                                                        31 – Hants West
Ian Charles                                                          04 – Bedford
Vanessa Goodwin-Clairmont            51 – Yarmouth
Mary Lou Harley                                              33 – Kings North
Brynn M. Horley                                               27 – Halifax Citadel-Sable Island
Raland Kinley                                                    22 – Fairview-Clayton Park
Barbara G. Lake                                                35 – Kings West
Kris MacLellan                                                  28 – Halifax Needham
Bruce W. McCulloch                                    15 – Cumberland South
Ron Neufeld                                                       01 – Annapolis
John H. Percy                                                    44 – Sackville-Cobequid
Rob Pierce                                                           37 – Lunenburg West
Sheila G. Richardson                                   34 – Kings South
Madeline Taylor                                            42 – Queens-Shelburne
Thomas Trappenberg                                47 – Timberlea-Prospect



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