Green Leadership

Thomas Trappenberg – Leader


Dr. Thomas Trappenberg lived in Halifax and Upper Tantallon before moving

with his wife and two children to Hatchet Lake in 2002. Thomas is active in
the community, teaching Karate at the Prospect Road Community Centre, and he
is the president of the Halifax-Hakodate Friendship association building a
link to our twin-town Hakodate in Japan. His wife was the first exchange
student following the twinning.

Professionally, Thomas is a professor of Computer Science at Dalhousie
University. He holds a PhD in physics and held research positions in Canada,
Japan, and Oxford, England. His main research areas are computational
neuroscience, machine learning and robotics. He is the author of a well-known
textbook on Computational Neuroscience published by Oxford University Press.
Thomas is a former member of the Dalhousie Faculty Association executive.

Thomas has a long history with the Green Party. He witnessed the rise of the
movements in Germany in the early eighties, and served as inaugural president of
two federal electoral district associations (Halifax and Halifax West),
supporting Elizabeth May to become leader of the Green Party of Canada,
representing Nova Scotia on council of the Federal Party in 2007/8,
co-organizing the founding of the Green Party of Nova Scotia, and running as
federal candidate in Halifax West since 2006. Thomas was also the Green
candidate in Timberlea-Prospect in the last three provincial elections.

Given Thomas’ background in Science, he strongly believes that actions are
urgent. He also believes that we cannot ignore opportunities for Nova Scotians.
We are relying on foreign fossil fuels instead of using our own resources and
talents. He is convinced that we can build a vibrant economy, ecology, and
society with a sensible and respectful government. Finally, Thomas thinks
that the most important part in this election is to convince people to vote
and not to procrastinate. Not voting does not prevent a bad government!


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